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Code Review

Purpose of such a review?

I would take new work, but I don't know how to get back into the job market.

I've got these ideas about . . . and if I tell you I won't actually do it.

to be said in a robot voice, with a sound effect quality from the 1990's: "Bitcoin is crashing, crashing"

But who am I to talk? I used to collect stamps.

I read in an article that people make upwards of $100,000.00/month running a . . . drum roll . . . MineCraft (TM) server. The article was about how three students at Rutgers . . . invented the world's worst computer varmint (mole? weasle? worm? viris?) so that they could take down rival MineCraft servers. It's a real story.

I don't do MineCraft, but I do minetest, an open source version of the same thing. I think such 'infinite world' topography simulators and gameish environments are a very lot of fun. I tend to use the world builder commands and loving the stack and stack2 commands (stack2 is the most useful). But really minetest could go to a higher place if they would . . . and I have a list of different ideas that would need to be better presented. Think like Einstein: don't just map in 3-D. Don't just allow only six directions. Allow for other orientations. Allow for importing in fragment matrices to use as templates (that is kind of . . . what the saves are.) have a better sand box. The pieces are all there, you jsut have to allow for rotation of elements and also that htey need not conform to having to live within that particular matrix.

In life, as in video games, it's better to avoid the battle. In a video game if you 'like' the battle, well, that is your thing. In the real world if you like the battle, you might not be suited as a peacemaker, but instead maybe a pretty good football player, some kind of wise quarterback.

I like playing minetest without having to fight off the dragons. But the dragons still show up occasionally. I'm doing something like building stairs between the levels, or stacking glowing bricks into a pyramid, and the figgging dragon shows up and starts shooting me with fire. How annoying. It's just a process, really. So, instead of a 'kill', one instead can defeat this . . . .creature of the game by blocking it in (so it can't move and withers away. OR. You lay down a couch and sit in it. The dragon will attack, but the couch always restores all your health, so the attack has no effect. As long as you have an adequate weapon, you just sit there with your finger on the hit button, or tapp it repetiviely, and eventually the dragon will die. Yet a third way is to remove the dragon mod, and then it won't show up any more but they are cool when they don't attack, so I leave them in the game. Plus if anyone breaks into my world (how could they?) and wants to hang around they'll have to face dragons (but I don't network my worlds, though I could, couldn't I).

I like blender better for precision. It would be awesome if there were a blend of minetest and blender (a single application) minetest-blender-neverball-civ-browswer. Each block with 6 faces can have 6 different feeds . . .

On anohter note: it is said that quantum computing will disrupt the whole crypto chain dream-space and the byte-con (byte-console?) bit-cion (bye coin?) phenomena. A few years ago I heard how gold can be faked in many different ways and that even getting a slapped coin didn't really mean that you actually had the real thing. That sounds a bit paranoid, but . . . buyer beware. Seriously if you are just starting to by metal today, thinking that bitcoin is crashing, you probably are just a desparate person anyway, unhappy in any case, and one who doesnt' plan well for storms and rain. It's going to rain sometimes. If it's a storm, that is why there are root sellers. Root-kit sealers? Nave sealers? Face-crock sellers? ROOT Cellars. Where you go when there is a tornado. Other than that you can hunker in and pray.

Yes, I think that bitcoin mining is interesting, but a far better use of a hybirdized processor array video system, with very many cores, a better use: is design. Design of scenes. Design of toy-things. Design of video game objects. Website design. For the lookup and presentation of complex data. But not just for that but actually do that with it. You have a super computer that can do it well, and instead you heat your house and mine bit coin and waste a very lot of electricity for something, that as soon as the quantum computers are actually annonced, something that won't be worth that much anymore if it['s all just cracked, first thing, but willful operators and their spiffy new cmputer system. My guess is that someone might already have them and the only reason they haven't done it yet is . . . they are just being nice.

hey, I don't know how block chain works. Maybe it will stand up to the test of dysruptive technologies such as quantum computers? I don't really know. So if you know that your purchase is a good one, and it's not just a way to launder your crooked money, or to try and hedge against the meanness of the cartel world, then go pay your 10000 dollars per bit coin, which used to be 10 cents when it first started. I've been wrong about commodities in the past. But at least if you buy a box of silver eagles, for about 10,000 american dollars (Ampex today), at least then you actually have a box of silver. Better would be a box of Rhodium.

If you could convert all of that to Rhodium, how much would that be worth: approximately 500 ounces of Rhodium! That would be a very very lot.

Now I'm just plugging my Spaceship Snow man fable, that I add to every year starting in November, or so, and post it during hte Christmas and giving season. And in the stoyr the guy who owns the giant carosel place, in the piney-marshlands of the Piney place (NJ what exit?) had invested in bitcoin back in the day and got it all out and took delivery in silver wire (which he purchased from a place in Bergan County, in view of the bridge)

But later, after the storm that hit suddenly just the week before Christmas, when all the lights came on for all the stuff and he didn't know how, he did a test on his wire, because he's got all the rock-shop gear (he is a rock-head. They called him Geometry Bob, back in the day, when he was in it). It was stupid to take deliver all in silver plates. but he figured betst thing he could power up all the gear that he also purchased (first from china) and set up on the turned over Ferris Wheel (that was a Ferris/Tesla hybird. In this fiction Tesla and Ferris are buddies, secret buddies, and Ferris was working secretly with Tesla behind the backs of the cartel, but isn't that a grand fiction!

So in the story he tests his silver and finds that it isn't silver any more and that it's turned to something else but before he actually tests for what that something else is . . . he . . . has an episode of sadness and introverted rage, when he withdraws from the world for a while and retreats into what he calls his Bee-at cave. With a little superbee emblem next to the door like a mizzuzza on a house (not made of Rhodium, but of Silver) that a lot of people won't use anymore because they fear those who don't like the ones who do that. And the back seat of an old Coronet next to the wall in the hallway. The sumer comes and all the rides are tested for safety and the seats are made clean, and they might even put on new paint. But in the Winter, the place is usually left alone. He lives there like a hermit at times, down within his broken dreams. All his millions and millions of bitcoin winnings, on which he had failed to pay even one sliver of taxes on any of it . . .

But if it's all been lost? He ponders that. He retreats into his collection of super movie heroics and animated television worlds, ignoring his new quantum 8 infinity, double infinity update super computer, wiht the coolest and most precious LED lighting system surrounding the case and controllible on an ap on a tablet, that simulates it all in a three-d space, and allows him to control all the lights on all of the holiday display bots that he keeps adding onto, year to year, but he's just never turned it all on himself. Ya, it did come on by accident the night of the storm, and then he was afraid again. But not to be too gleeful, because that might call attention. He wasn't going to have any problem declaring a profit and paying the taxes because on further look, with his expensive geologist the ready dude hiker equipment (it was all 12 and 24 volt gear and easy to maintain as well as to hauol around wiht you.

by then dad is saying that the web page is causing yawns, even for me. Who can keep up with these made up stories of false histories? Tesla? Edison? Ferris? New Jersey? Pennsylvania? Ohio?

Yes. when it's time for bed dad maybe picks a famous story. He reads it till they tucker out. If they have questions he answers them. Then he goes off and thinks about how . . . just how mayebe . . he could figure out how to make silver into Rhodium. And if he does he might not tell anyone. What would his kids think? "You won't even tell us, daddy?"

"Yes, of course. Tell you, and the whole world."

"That's a better ending."

"It would also be a begining."

By then the children were sleeping. The story had put them to sleep.

Jan 17, 2018

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