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The Message Column


Work on what has been spoiled

The ongoing situation

Supporint the on-going anticorruption efforts seems a priority. The constant slanders against our president continue. Some rumors include . . .

But I'm not interested in spreading rumors. What is news? That congress is holding on to a secret memo that details aspects of (alledged) efforts of . . . to . . . in a grand and slanderous fashion. Other rumors in clude . . .

And here is a priority: to support the on-going anti-corruption efforts which are necessary to smoke the foxes out of the chicken-coups of public governance (chicken coups of public governance)

Strange times. I hear the president needs to know that we have him in our hearts and prayers. of course we do. And those who are working with him. And we (I) know that he's a good guy and working with good people to clean up a great big mess that was an intentional defilement of the offices and stature of our nation.

here is another important point: the team involved with the delivery of the special requests for appearance, that kind that you can't refuse, does not want to jump the gun with the announcements concerning these aspects. As well they would like the public, at large, to have amuch wider understanding of what crimes might be possible. But it's very very dark. So many people are having a hard enough time dealing with the day to day gloom of defeated people walking around like zombiess and blaming other people for the individual pain felt, but it can't be their fault. I'm divigating.

Crimes so horrible that when people hear of them they loose sleep over it, and demand justice. That is what is alledged in some of these rumors.

The MSM is full of paid for liars for the cause of them getting paid. And if that funding is cut off, then a lot of the manufactured 'dissent' ought to also tapper down.

Logical and civil opposition is a tradition of American politics. That has always been the expectation.The problem that the liberal lie-writers (those who write their 'on-message narratives' is that those liars, having lived in the lap of the privledge of being a ward of teh ancient corruption, didn't really know anyone real, or deal with real pepole. They were raised in a bubble and fed marxist lies as education. And so they couldn't possible comprehend that after the election is over, and the Repbulican wins, or the Democrat wins, that they all go home and have a good meal, watch TV together, and then go to bed. And some of them slip away and cannoodle together. Because when they love you at the house because you are part of the family they don't care at all if you are a D or an R. And that is a fact in america for real Americans. So the manufactured hatred between the two groups, that shows up as a literary fiction in comments sections where ever chat bots are spawned off into, the young don't care about party affiliation. That was always a fiction and everyone always knew it was a fiction. In the mall, at the lunch counter, outside the library, along the avenue, camping along the Santa Anita River . . .If you are full of shit about politics they over look that flaw in you and love you anyway. And maybe don't even care to know if you are dem or repub

The propaganda war rages on. I think that those who side with truth and against propaganda of retchid dividers, those who side wiht justice, those who side with Liberty and Freedom of political expression: they, we, will succeed.

when it really is time to clean up the broken glass, most people are up for the task. They want safer environment for their families and communities. If we have to get the people motivated, we try to help them overcome obsticles so that they will be able to succeed too. For example in Orange county upwards of 500 people who have been living in a three mile long tent city, along a bike path along a dry river, are being evicted by the local authorities. It's a public health emergency with the Hepititis scare in that region, so the local authorities are enforcing the laws about public camping.

None of the social service people who go down there to help those homeless people find new localles is going to be asking about the poltical affiliaton of those who they seek to help. And if they did, they might face a civil rights law suit, and be accused of descrimination. That is America. Not the fiction of the 'on-message narrative' writers who are cuckold to the ancient corruptions, and fully piable willing liars for their overlords and masters.

So, ya, strange time. Nothing is going to be let go as far as the horid crimes go. If there were horid crimes . . . as has been alledged, those responsible, the narrative goes, are about to be exposed and charged. That is the narrative.

Yes that is the narrative. And the obvious fraud of the false-talking-point writers is now so widely known, and that cartel has been so throughly discredited that their crimes will be exposed and the frauds that they put forward will be revealed, and very much will be made correct, restitution as part of it too, is the expectation and a great big peace dividend as technologies held in culmony are made public, because they were essentially developed with public funding and then stolen by the cartel companies, the narrative continues.

That includes all kinds of cool supertech/futuretech/ancient space alien tech. But we get to the incredulous part. And some of the posters of this kind of narrative do go to that whole whole-earth lumarian , highly evolved lemurs theory of ancient aliens, whihc is a narrative that most pepole rejects as fiction.

I am compelled to remind those who present conjecture as possible explanation of events that including the spiritual or the metaphysical explanation must be coupled with a non metaphyscial explanation that follows all the rules of logic, and also the laws, as we know them, of science. As well it ought to follow the basic rules of human interactoin. That is the part that makes so much of what the deviders publish so obviously fraudulent: they present charactures of real pepole behaving very very badely, and then create other charactatures who do battle with them. And they try to create conflict where there is none. Here is a clue third-world lurid tail writers (tatoo your reptile tail) lurid tale writers: if a white guy and a black guy in America disagree about politics they probably already knew that they would and they get along about everything else, so they have beer, smoke a joint, play some music, and talk about something else. It's not like it is back in your hellhole home where you keep the subjects as slaves. We don't have that here. and we actually care about pepole even when we have nothing in common with them. Because it is not about being an American. It's about being human. That's the way most people are everywhere if you let them. Or, you can do your whole domminance and supremacy bit and foment war and try to cause people to hate each other to give you soe sense of power. And who is really doing this? Well, revelations are that there have been ongoing divide and conquor efforts, by operators who have infiltrated our our government. That is the narrative. So maybe the statement that "if he wins we all . . . " was a kind of prophecy on her part. If you need to ask 'her who' then please find something else to read.

I was good with the idea of her just retiring quietly. But I guess that cartel or moiety, who paid for all of these cuckold to the ancient corruption to be, excuse me for using the term, 'groomed', for the position of secret master of the universe susceptible to the special sign/signal dominance transmission of submission: they get people to do what they want them to do through blackmail and intimidation is the narrative.

It takes time to make a good case. Sometimes in these issues timing is everything. Clearly it's time for people to read 'the memo'. Seth rich, michael hastings, Sean Collier, the thousand killed on n/11, all those people in Las Vegas , all of the dead of Syria, Libya, Eygpt, Yemen, and other places where the unholy alliance of cuckolds of the ancient corruption . . . mongered for dominance and met with opposition and went on a rampage of killing at the behest of . . . ? ? ? for the good of? ? ? to 'get the population problem under control???'

The portriot that these on-line presentations of 'intellegence drops' present, and their supporting narrative implies that . . . there were horific things in store for the world had the election gone to the loser. They make her out to be the incarnation of the worst kind of lurid pigish betrayer that is possible. Could anyone really be that horrible? Is this jumping the shark on the deep-state-take-out propaganda? Time will answer these questions.

Bad Jokes . . .

the old standby joke: what to do in case of a nuclear attack: put your head between your legs and kiss your . . . goodbye.

Worry about such things doesn't help you or anyone.

Work on what has been spoiled. But what about those who pretend that there isn't a problem?

If the forest service gives you fair warning about the impending erruption of the nearby volcano (Mt St Helens, was it 1980?) then who is at fault if the worst that can happen does? It's not about the government or authority. It's about the actuality of nature and how it really behaves. One volcano will destroy you suddenly. Or you will live through it and mourn for the dead. Let's hope for a third case, which should be for most things, adn the result of most events: the third case, the most importan6t and constant case: everyone lives through it and thus no one needs to mourn for any victims of the non-event. Like what happened in Hawaii. It was a not-happening. Maybe it was someone thinking 'hey, this is funny'. Or it was some psychotic finger on the button guy (unlikely) who 'pushed' the tizzy-switch. Everyone, OK, tell that old stock joke about kissing your . . . good bye. The punchline that was a non-punchline back in the early 1980's when that nuclear thing was a-hanging low: what are we all going to do, get in our cars and get on rt 3 north to New Hampshire? No, it wasn't going to matter. If it ever got that far, being 36th, we were told, on the 'this place is going to be destoryed -o- mometor' our town, not in a wilder way, was going to be 'blown up to hell and gone'. But that ended up being one of the third choice: that no , it didn't actually happened. We never had a nuclear event of that sort back in the early 1980s.

There were two nuclear events that did happen, and they were rather dire, back in the 1970's and 1980s: Three Mile Island, in Harrisberg, PA area. Cherynobel, a reactor of the old Soviet (and that's not an old-timesy folk-rockabilly band).

Work on what has been spoiled. The first thing a hotelier needs to do to get his staff to make a place sanitary for public inspection and eventual guests is to identify the problem. Permission to speak freely ought to be the rule for bosses and head directors, presidons, and other strange creatures of upper management. We ought not censor the one who is acessing the fate of things at that hotel chain, club Hell? Or something else? If it's a hellhole, then they say it's a hellhole, or a different type of hole it be, the other kinds. A house of that. A mouth like that. A person with that as their main feature: to give out the hell for anyone with whom they disagree. Instead of hearing the message, they pretend to a fowl message. This does not help.

The first step is to recognize that it is something that has been spoiled. It has become a hellhouse (not a hell house but a s__thouse). If you don't see it that way, then you don't rush for the bleach and the hazmatt suit. If governance is at the point of being so poison as to need a hazmat suit, then we are in a sad situation indeed. If you disagree with his choice of words, at least you can understand his emphatic request for a mop and bucket, a cup of bleach and a few gallons of water. Or how about cleanup robots, that spray the sidewalks with bleach like they have to do in San Diego now because it's turned into a hellhouse. Well, not a hellhouse, a s__thouse. It's Choloric. antiseptic activity is required.

Or the place should be abandoned. You can't do that to a whole country? The reason that you would 'take in' people from such countries is simple: to help them. But is it better to do something else instead? to give them the bleach and the mops? But then maybe someone says 'oh you busy bodies, imposing your theories on antiseptic livestyle upon a foreign nation. What if we say 'you can come and visit but only after you clean up your own room. But they are not our children ad we are not their parents and the interaction doesn't have a sitcom quality parent child explanation of events. We live in the real world.

Let's choose the third case

The third case is the boring non-click-bait story. In the third case story there are not casualties. There is no sense that anyone ever felt any sesne of peril. Whatever harmful event might have occured was mitigated quickly, if any such possibility even existed in the first place. Management will be notified. The situation will be handled. And if it were somethign caused by some unknown players, or whatever (whateva?) then they will be added to the watch list, and life will go on as normal.

The third boring case, about which no spy movie is ever made. The giant icecle of doom hanging over the heads of the citizens is removed before it ever became an issue. threats are noticed. Most of the times it is found to be nothing, but just caution of the watchers. If real peril is possible, the third solutin says 'this is a nothing.' It is not even a burger. It isn't even a burghar. Well, if it is a scoffing burghar, as novelettically this kind of creature is possible in a story, if not in the real world (like the Barrymoore character in Its a Wonderful Life), if such a creature is possible, and such a creature is out to do harm, the third solution is that they do not succeed. And they are known. And they are not allowed to keep being creeps and stealing. But that kind of person is a fiction, correct? I say yes such a person is actually a fiction and no such ultimately evil person even does exist but if they did . . . and there were heroes of the unknown who fight for the comic book ending of everyone is safe and supermensch catches all the fallacies before they ever get published, and there are no misspellings, and there are so many edits that its all perfect, and all inequality is solved forever just from the words. How far fetched.

So the better solution: if the road is icey, it is salted and made safe before anyone gets hurt. If the icecle hangs above the halls of governnace, it is removed safely so that non of the halls and walkways that the people need to be safe ever come under any kind of architectural distress from falling ice.

Jan 14, 2018


And a stadium sized fuel-cell bubble-house that floats off towards New Brunswick.

Space Ship snowman, 
beaming back from outside the known realms of space time
and sending you greetings from the future!
and gifts for everyone.

An old proverb:

Those who say do not know. Those who know do not say.

is cold
that window shade

 Don't build your house in an arroyo
 The planning board denied it
 but the geologists knew.
 They don't build in a flood plane
 so why should you?
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Give me a totally rocking G
dance like a fool on the lawn
for all to see
sweeping wind and rain
comes blowing in from across the mountains.
the lake is lit up, insane,
and they've turned on
the glowing fountains.

Drink up
Drink up
Saratoga says
Lake Champlain say 'come in July'.
But I'd rather be there in June.

  Praise     Praise     Praise
   the        the        the
   Lord       Lord       Lord!
  for    because    
 Easter  He's so awesome! 
  welcome to The Message Column!



Is it obvious parody or News or both?

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Vote Once
One Vote
here is a fresh link, a new path to some older content:

 Ah ewe ah ewe ah ewe ah ewe ah ewe
 dunt dum dum daum
 Badda ba
 badda butt
 badda ba
 badda da da 
        da da 
         da da
Dunt Da

Ah ewe a who ah who ah ewe a ewe?

Da Dunt da da
The second dream
is the lake in May
a big bay window
where does the time go?
I wish I could say
but I never really know.

It's so dumb, though
they say they love you
the storm is coming
now they say you can't stay.
Pick up the phone.
Isn't anybody home?
I'm here alone
and the car won't start.

The third dream is the one she'll tell
scented candles and a 
big bay window
where does the time go
she says she know
but she just can't say.

Pick up the phone
isn't any body home
I'm here alone.
and I'm locked out side.

The next thing I'm driving away.
I'd charged up the car and drove down the long drive way
the car slid and slided along
but I was alright
just singing this song.

It's so dumb though.
He pretends to be humble
He doesn't know what
he just won't say.
He'd pick up the phone
but he's not there alone
He's not just high, not just stoned on a bone.

If you're going up
to forgiveness farm
better not go
if you're going to carry on.
If you've got all
kinds of mean thngs to say 
don't go there
any day.

In Wicked Need of an Edit

🚛 🎓 🎔 🌀

Political and Media Inanity
by Truck-u-later


in this column Truck-u-later steps in deeper . . .

Work on what has been spoiled.

If you have to spray bleach, you have to spray bleach.

have to?

Or have unsanitary areas.

Read the hexegram.

蠱 work on what has been spoiled

Jan 14, 2018

tell us how you really feel . . .

. . . well . . . Truck-you-later!

delight in the delete.

you wrecked my truck!
you got it stuck
on a highland sholder
perched atop a bolder
at a mountain pass
you'd stomped on the gas
and went rolling over
the mountain clover
in a mountian pass
stomping on the gas
at three AM
in the blizzarding wind
in the blizzarding wind
in the bilzzrding wind

At 3:15 the cell phone rang
it was your boss telling you you've gotta come in
the storm took down at least 33 polls, 
and that's the story, just how it goes.
You said no way I'm stuck up here
my green bean buddy is full of fear
he says I got him stuck by jamming a gear
So we can't be coming anywhere near.

you wrecked my truck!
you got it stuck!
perched atop a blouder
near the mountain clover
by the mountain pass
you'd stomped on the gass
and popped the gear
which we had to hear
the tires chirpping loud
the metal scraped the ice
and it shrieked out loud
and then you hollared thrice
"Dude, you wrecked my truck! . . . "

At 4 AM the cell phone rang again
it was the boss saying we gotta come in
how much sooner or longer will it be?
Did you get my call at quarter past three?

In twenty minutes he was calling again
You said what's his problem, he's been phoning it in.

At 3 Am
in the blizzarding wind
in the blizzarding wind
in the blizzarding wind

Remember the Sultana!

April 27, 1865

The Sultana. from image free to use. The original image is in the public domain. This has been modified and so it is not public domain. you are free to make one like this by finding the original image and doing your own transforms on it. So . . . it's all good., 2014 © APC ditto, 2014 © APC The Sultana. transformed image ditto 2014 © APC ditto 2014 © APC © 2016 © 2017 ©

  Praise     Praise     Praise
   the        the        the
   Lord       Lord       Lord
  for his    for his    for his
 unfailing  unfailing  unfailing
   love!      love!      love!

  well, little else now.

Bill writes all these columns.

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