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Here is a list of many of the demonstration pages here at Urgecentral.

Things to the top the page are fresher. Things towards the bottom are more for amusement then for education.

Some of the material to which I link can serve as a source of study for newbie web programmers. These working demos are classic toy programs and not designed for cloneing and mass destribution. However, some of them are actually kind of fun.

Angle Spin Gauge

a screenshot of the demo that this link leads the clicker through
spin gauge 2

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

I Ching

I Ching

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

spin gauge 3

Apple Dapplery

or Dappery

Amillia Publishing Company Advertisement 2013 ©Apple Dapplery

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What the ~!blleepp is Apple Dappery?

or Dapplery

Utilizing the ease of attaching a call back one can make the images on a screen do a number of interesting transformations. Creating large arrays of these images, with custom 'jitter' or 'spin', or other 'effect' makes for more hypnotic pages. That doesn't mean that they are better pages, but maybe funner in one sense. Dapplery, or Dappery, is the artistic effect of such image jitterization arrays. George Lucas did a form of Video Dapplery when he crafted armies of soldiers for his movies. Salvador Dali crafted a portrait of his brother with cherrys to form the face, and the hair in the shape of a raven, I believe, also with cherries. That was a form of dapplery, though not animated. In one sense cubism is the ultimate precursor for this new kind of art.

What is self-promotion: an attempt to garner interest and list my services. What a tool I am, though? Why would anyone want to work with me? Oh, ya, because I make things work.

I'm also trying to put humor on this page, which is what the previous column is for. And so please, if you do need my services: I really am easy to get along with and to work with.


Amillia Publishing Company Advertisement 2013 ©Strange Hover Dappery

click through to the very many hearts demo. It is fresh. Amillia Publishing Company Advertisement 2013 ©Very Many Hearts


a screenshot of an older demo, link leads the clicker throughBarents Carousel Ver. II

Barents Carousel Dapplery which is just a little bit crazy

image carousel which derives from the spin gauge.

multi-cube demo

click through to a dice demo of three-D qualities allowed with newer CSS styles. Very cool. Amillia Publishing Company Advertisement 2013 ©multi-cube demo Many thanks to someone else's tutorial on this one.

div sizing

paper sizes

a screenshot of the demo that this link leads the clicker throughenvelope sizes 2 Many thanks to Steve Levine and his list of common envelope sizes.

envelope sizes 3

paper sizes Many thanks to various paper industry sources

Hover Call back experimental pages

hover demo 6 which may be the most interesting one of these un interesting hover demos. There ought to be a whole new set the refines the on touch callbacks as well, and they need to be written.

hover demo 2

hover demo 3

hover demo 4

hover demo 5

hover demo 6

Advanced Sliders

In January of 2009 I was hacking around by building webkit and putting in some slider controls to do some other things with it. Many years before that I had a sliders demo that I had working on a SUSE install in 2000-2001. I might have a screen shot of that but I am not sure where that would be. I will post it if I find it.

a screenshot of the demo that this link leads the clicker throughSliders colors which harkens back to some gui things I did before. Years ago I downloaded and compiled webkit browswer and used some slider controls in a Qt gui (oh, how they have gone away , like the wind. Gone with the wind . . . ) as shown in this image:

sliders deml

a screenshot of the demo that this link leads the clicker through axis orientation silders


USGS survey marker. It has a Star of David on it! copyright 2005 - 2013 Amillia Publishing Company Advertisement  © Due to annoying phantom requests, the server has directed all Mapperelli requests to the pluperfect square demonstration page

Block Puzzle

Java is cool. I was doing it in the 1990's. Here is an app that I started then and then did a lot of work on sometime many years after that. So there are two versions of this. I present to you the newer version for you to play. The game is called Pentominoes.

A little thumbnail of the pentominoes applet © 2013 APC The Java applet block puzzle has not been recently availableHere it is but does it work? It works for me locally. Email me if you try it and it works for you.

Antique Pages

News Flash: the original urge central website from 1988 may very quickly be posted here for all to enjoy and/or scoff-at (I don't let you post your reaction, so you scoff all you want, comment in whatever way you think of, tweet till the birds get sick of you and fly away to a distant (and more serene) part of consciousness (away from scoffers and jeerers).

Darest thou click to get to my antique links? There were a bunch of different versions and I may just post them. first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighthninth Wow aren't those embarrassing! access them while they are still here!

Folks, this stuff is embarassing. But it does show us how far web design has come in just 15 years. Back then I had no concept of Session variables and the content is the text for it's own style kind of website design.

Miscellaneous Notes

various old notes probably too antique to be that useful


antique wrench. Amillia Publishing Company Advertisement 2013 ©Tools for the Software Engineer

I like the wrench image so I wanted a reason to use file does not exist. Not yet created, but cool picture of a wrench.s

Span Rocker

which demonstrates how to craft acid-pages

span rocker acid-effect poem page demo page screen shot thumbnail. Imagine a page where the letters of it are hanging on dangles, each on it's own thred, and then one knocks the threds and the letters start swinging around. Eventually they settle back to close to where they should be . . . but maybe not in this demo. If you are blind the poem on the page is not that spectauclar but you can still read it I am sure. Pity you can't see the the effect, but I've tried to describe it for you . . . peace be with you!span rockerspan rocker acid-effect poem page click through for a tripped up poem page called Blind to Red!Blind to Redspan rocker acid-effect poem page click through for a tripped up poem pageSt Pattys Day

This photo is actually a visual joke because I know not to post a detailed picture of our building from back then without passing it by the folks who still reside over there. This photo shows no detail. The picture shows a very blurred up 140x100 pixel image of the now secure facility. I have not been back to the base since the regretible day of Sept 11, 2001. Publishing detailed photos of such a place is a d_i_c_Khe_ad thing to do
AFGL Circa early 1990's, Hanscom AFB, MA