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Resume of William A Perilli

William A. Perilli

, xxxxx, XX 00000 cell: phone on request email:billperilli@mindspring.com

United States Citizen.


Robotic Automation and Sequencing. C/C++: code, test, troubleshooting, and repair. Fault Tolerant Systems. Mobile web for monitoring, control, and test.  

Executive Summary of Candidates Skills and Qualifications:

November 2007 to Present Amillia Publishing Company, Natick, MA. please see http://www.billperilli.com for my lastest demonstration pages.

March 2007 to Oct 2007 Fantasy Entertainment, Hudson, NH  Retail Kiosk Photo-booths running a Linux.  Code-cracking of legacy system C code.    

March 2003 to October 2003, May 2004 to July 2004, Jan 2006 to July 2006    Automated Assemblies Corporation, Clinton, MA

Lead Embedded and Real Time architect for industrial robots: enormous pick-and place robots for the Plastics Industry. "Software Metal" sequencer without possibility of memory leaks or stack overruns (very valuble).

Vision System integration:  Cognex Insight Camera Image Processing Algorithms.  Motion Engineering Incorporated (MEI) controller card, CAN IO and Synqnet, high-powered Kollmorgan drives

 Jan 2002 – May 2002 Eustis Cable Enterprises, LTD, Brookfield VT. Cable Construction Industry. Location oriented construction for purposes of advanced and automated accounting.  Utilized C++ Standard Template Library (STL) namespace STD.

April 2000 - May 2001 Conexant's NetPlane Systems, Inc(once Harris & Jeffries), Dedham, MA Software/Hardware/Firmware Embedded Engineer.  

Oct 1999 - Jan 2000 Embedded Support Tools Incorporated, Canton, MA  Senior Software/Embedded Engineer

VxWorks and pSOS BSP releases for PowerPC and 68xxx boards: 860, 860T and 8260 and 68360.  Work both in C and Assembly Languages.  Network boot shell for processor startup and configuration of TCP/IP.

Oct 1998 - Aug 1999 Tellabs International, Burlington, MA
Senior Software Engineer, Optical Networking Group

Low level boot code development for PowerPC MPC860T multi-node optical network for telecommunications dense wave division multiplexing fiber optic switcher/router.  

Jan 1996 - June 1998  Kokusai Semiconductor Equipment Corp(KSEC), Billerica Ma, formally KBTI, formally Bruce Technologies International.
Senior Software Engineer, Software Controls Group

In C Designed, Coded, Tested, Troubleshot and Fixed Control Software for Concurrent Real-time multi-axis semi-conductor fabrication furnaces.   VxWorks on VME Back Plane utilizing 68000 based processors.

July 1988 - Dec 1995 United States Air Force  (USAF ) Space Systems Division, Phillips Laboratory  (also called the Air Force Geophysics Laboratory (AFGL). Hanscom AFB, MA. Electronics Engineer, Verification and Test Division (PL/SXAD).

Air Force Geophysics Laboratory; Aerospace Engineering; DOD contract management.  Engineering, development, verification, launch, and recovery DOD scientific payloads.  Management of Information Systems.  Wrote and administered pre-flight acceptance tests: shake, shock, thermal cycling for DOD scientific aerospace payloads for the purposes of research.  Particpated in various launches, remote travel.

Additional Information

Will consider positions with part-time travel, contract or permanent. Local to Massachusetts and New England.  .

computer languages and development environments include the following:

C  C++    PHP   XML etc.

Java etc. Pascal


MFC, Win32

Borland Builder and Kylix

Visual Studio   Eclipse

Javascript  jQuerry   RPM build scripts     BASH    Qt   LAMP

GCC, gnu tool chain


Windriver, other RTOS

Education BSEE, 1988 U Mass., Lowell.  BA  Communications and Media, 1982, U. Penn., Phila., PA.

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